Chiropractors work on something called a ‘Subluxation’. A subluxation is an abnormal amount of stress at certain points in the spine which affect the nerves that exit the spine. Dr. Endel’s main method of adjusting these subluxations is the Blair Technique, which is a form of upper neck adjusting that he received extensive training in while at Palmer College of Chiropractic. While his focus is on balancing out the upper neck, if other areas of the spine need attention then they will be addressed accordingly using the arthrostim instrument, Thompson Drop table, and extremity adjusting.

Dr. Endel sees a very wide variety of patients that range from the new born to men and women over 90 years old.  If you would like to get your children’s nervous system and spine evaluated please check out our monthly Kid’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the whole family under safe chiropractic care.